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Authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl Created By Real Award winnning Hawaiian Poke Chef Nakoa Pabre
Ahi Poke Bowls

Authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl Created By Real Award winnning  Hawaiian Poke Chef Nakoa Pabre

Authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl - Ahi Poke Bowls


The most basic recipe of a real Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl includes maui onions, sliced chopped green onions, soy sauce and inamona roasted kukui nut, and limu kohu (seaweed) and sesame seed oil. For a more spicy recipe of Poke just add chili peppers, Hawaiian sea salt, some sesame seed oil mix together add some mayonnaise and patisse (fish sauce) to taste. The visual presentation of the Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill’s Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl is very important as people usually eat with their eyes as well. So the sides added to the authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl is so colorful from the Ho’io Salad to the Broccoli Crab Salad and the spicy crab salad, are all very colorful and adds to the beauty of the true Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl. Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill awesome employees then sprinkle the furikake over the top of the hot rice or quinoa for you to enjoy the best tasting real authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl, in the downtown air conditioned, Kailua-Kona Poke restaurant, with friends and family!


Visit Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Shop and Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill, on your mobile phone and bookmark it on your smart phone! Umekes Fishmarket Bar And Grill restaurant has a very large following with their VIP POKE CLUB (close to 850 plus members) which gives you many discounts, promotions and money saving mobile coupons sent straight to your smart phone.


Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl - Ahi Poke Bowls

 Here is the recipe courtesy of Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill to the Cooking Channel

Many VIP POKE CLUB members enjoy knowing they have a chance to save money and they never lose their coupons as it is on their phones. Just text the word HawaiiPoke to 71441 and you are in! Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill prides itself on serving ALOHA DAILY so scoop on by or call ahead with your order. and for mobile on the go users: Stop by for a Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowl as both locations are open six days a week for your Poke pleasure at Alii Plaza and Kaiwi Street and Kuakini Highway Call 1-808-238-0571

Ahi Poke Bowls


The owner of Umekes has won the Sam Choy Poke Contest two years in a row 2013 and 2014.
Chef Nakoa Pabre just has a gift when it comes to creating unique and tasty Poke recipes.
He has the ability to just come up with a winning recipe the night before a competition
and it turns out to be a winning combination. That is cooking and creating from the heart
and soul and that is how Chef Pabre has won the hearts and minds of the residents of Hawaii,
as well as, the visitors to Hawaii with his winning recipes and ready smile full of Aloha.
Check out his mobile website and join his VIP Poke Club by texting "HawaiiPoke" to 71441 to receive mobile coupons and discounts sent to your phone. Umekes serves the freshest and tastiest poke in Kona and in the whole State of Hawaii, as Nakoa Pabre isn't called the Prince of Poke for nothing. He lets the bowl do the braggin and he has for two years straight at the Annual Sam Choy Poke competition. Umekes has two locations at the Umekes Alii Plaza Hualalai and Kuakini Streets and Umekes Fishmarket Bar & Grill off Kaiwi Street and Kuakini Highway. Here is our mobile website: for on the go visitors and residents plus our
website for Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill at and of course
our Ali'i Plaza Umekes:
Always Fresh, Always Local, Always Aloha! So fresh from boat to bowl its off da hook..

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