Truly Da Best Poke Is From Umekes
  Umekes Poke is "Boat To Bowl" Fresh And Chef Nakoa Pabre Uses Only The Best Parts Of The Fish.    ... Read more
BEST OF THE BEST 2016 Poke Bowls
UMEKES LLC has won the "BEST OF THE BEST 2016 Poke Bowls" for the Freshest Boat to Bowl Poke Featured on the Discovery Channel Make Sure To Visit Both Umekes Poke Restaurants While You Are On The Big Island of Hawaii For Boat To Bowl Poke Freshness..... Read more
Where Is The Best Poke In Town Per Hawaiian Airlines..
Hawaiian Travel Today Magazine Article on Best Poke
WHERE IS THE BEST POKE IN TOWN PER HAWAIIAN AIRLINES.... Sampling poke is a must-do for Hawaii-bound clients and Hawaiian Airlines' Russell Williss is singing the praises of a poke joint on Hawaii island. Poke (said po-kay) is loosely translated as "Chunky" in Hawaiian and is essentially cubes of marinated raw fish, seasoned and served. It's widely available across the island group and there's a variety of outlets and seasonings (and levels of spice) available. Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill in downtown Kailua-Kona serves lunch and dinner seven days a week. Chef Nakoa Pabre, who twice been crowned the "Prince of Poke", was one of the original owners of Da Poke Shack before starting Umekes. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of wines and beers from around the world . It's close to Kailua-Kona city centre, hotels, shops and other local attractions. Clients can walk in for dining room or patio seating, or make dinner reservations for special... Read more
The Best Restaurants and Bars in Kailua-Kona
On the leeward side of the Big Island, Kona is a conscientious tourist’s paradise, combining picturesque snorkeling beaches and souvenir shops without losing sight of the Hawaiian history and cultural traditions that make the island more than just an upscale resort destination. Though Kona doesn’t have the rainforests of Hilo on the opposite side of the island, the landscape is still marvelously diverse, a combination of dense hillsides and desolate dried lava flows. Pop-up fruit stands and world-famous highland coffee farms dot the roadsides leading in and out of town, but the culinary side of Hawaii shines brightest within the village. Restaurants Poke bowls at Umeke’s (Photo: Ewen Roberts via Flickr) Arguably the village’s best poke bowls come from Umeke’s (75-143 Hualalai Rd, Ste. 104), where their “boat to bowl” approach lets diners enjoy fresh Big Island fish with your choice of hot and sweet seasonings. Delicious sides like seaweed salad and lomi sa... Read more
Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill Successful Seafood and Fresh Hawaiian Poke Restaurant
UFB&G Hawaiian Poke Freshest In Kona
Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill Successful Seafood and Fresh Hawaiian Poke Restaurant     Feasting on Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill's Fresh Poke Bowls when you want a bowl of healthy, delicious food that comes with fresh ingredients and generous portions, Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill's Fresh Poke Bowls are the way to go. These bowls are served daily for people looking to get their feet wet when trying some Hawaiian food. These bowls are delicious, nutritious and readily available for people that want them, and when you try one, you are in for a treat.       On a basic level, Umekes Fresh Poke Bowls consist of a base ingredient of tuna fish, typically yellow fin tuna, which is marinated in sea salt and spices. Some of these spices and ingredients include soy sauce, oils, chili peppers and seaweed. Different restaurants have their own take on fresh Hawaiian poke, while some may use salmon, marlin or octopus. They are typically topped off with hea... Read more
History of Fresh Hawaiian Poke In Hawaii
Authentic Hawaiian Poke Bowl
History of Fresh Hawaiian Poke In Hawaii   Poke  History: Poke (pronounced POH-kay) is served in most Hawaiian homes and restaurants as a side dish, and no gathering in Hawaii would be complete without a few bowls of Hawaiian poke. In Hawaiian, poke means "cut piece" or "small piece." Poke is bite-size pieces of raw fish doused in seasonings. Poke is actually the Hawaiian version of the elegant Japanese sashimi (a combining of the Hawaiian and Japanese taste for raw fish). The fish for Hawaiian poke is sometimes even lightly seared or fried.   For centuries, Hawaiian fishermen cut their catch of raw fish into cubes and seasoned it with whatever ingredients they had. Modern versions make use of seasonings brought by the many different cultures of the Islands, such as soy sauce, onions, tomatoes, and chilies. Poke is so common in the Hawaiian culture, that you can stop at a local grocery store and choose from several freshly made varieties.   Mention regional... Read more
Authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl Created By Real Award winnning Hawaiian Poke Chef Nakoa Pabre
Umekes Fishmarket Bar & Grill
Authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl Created By Real Award winnning  Hawaiian Poke Chef Nakoa Pabre   The most basic recipe of a real Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl includes maui onions, sliced chopped green onions, soy sauce and inamona roasted kukui nut, and limu kohu (seaweed) and sesame seed oil. For a more spicy recipe of Poke just add chili peppers, Hawaiian sea salt, some sesame seed oil mix together add some mayonnaise and patisse (fish sauce) to taste. The visual presentation of the Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill's Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl is very important as people usually eat with their eyes as well. So the sides added to the authentic Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl is so colorful from the Ho'io Salad to the Broccoli Crab Salad and the spicy crab salad, are all very colorful and adds to the beauty of the true Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl. Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill awesome employees then sprinkle the furikake over the top of the hot rice or quinoa for you to enjoy the best tasting re... Read more
Second Chance To Win A Free Umekes Dinner
Thank you for playing Umekes Scratcher Game To Win A Free Umekes Dinner!   Good Luck Maybe This Time You Will Be A Winner!... Read more
Umekes Ali’i Plaza
Umekes Ali'i Plaza 75-143 Hualalai Road Suite 105 Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740 Monday through Saturday 10am to 8pm 1-808-329-3050... Read more
Umekes Fishmarket Bar & Grill
Umekes Fishmarket Bar & Grill
UMEKES FISHMARKET BAR AND GRILL 74-5563 Kaiwi Street Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740 Monday through Saturday 11am to 9pm Sunday 11am to 5pm 1-808-238-0571... Read more
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