The Opening and Blessing of Umekes Fishmarket Bar & Grill
Why People Call Umekes The Best Poke In Kona
Why People Call Umekes Best Poke In Kona There are many places in Kona where you can go to get poke, which makes it complicated when you are trying to make a dining decision. If you are looking for the best the area has to offer, you should head to Umekes. Here are several reasons people consider Umekes best poke in Kona. The Variety The thing about poke is that everyone does not have the same tastes. You cannot expect to offer one or two varieties and have people clamor to get some. Many people call Umekes best poke in Kona simply because of the large number of options that are available. Whether you are into very spicy things or your palate is delighted by things that are a little on the sweet side, Umekes has an offering that will suit you. The Bargain While buying poke is not the most economical lunch option out there, Umekes strives to give people a good amount of food for the money. When you order poke, it comes with rice, salad and another cold side. There are some p... Read more
Poke versus Sushi: The differences between Umekes Poke and Sushi
Umekes Poke Bowls So FRESH
The differences between Umekes Poke and Sushi If you have never had poke, you may have mentally grouped it into the same category as sushi. While they both have raw fish as a main component, that is pretty much where the similarities end. Here is a comparison of Umekes poke versus sushi for anyone who is interested in understanding what the differences are. The first thing that you should know in this Umekes poke versus sushi discussion is the fact that the former is made of tuna. While sushi is quite variable and can be made with everything from salmon and tuna to sweet potato and lobster, Umekes poke is always made of fresh tuna. The type of tuna changes sometimes, but there is never another type of fish used. People with larger appetites and more modest wallets would definitely prefer Umekes poke. Spending the same amount on a bowl of poke as you would on a sushi roll will result in a very different amount of food. While both options are quite tasty, it is always great when... Read more
Umekes and Keiki of the Aina Feed the Homeless of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Umekes and Keiki of the Aina Feed the Homeless of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Wednesday, November 26, 2014  at Hale Halewai Umekes Owner, Chef Nakoa Pabre and  Staff and Keiki of the Aina hunting club broke out the kau kau for the homeless which included kalua pork (from the Keiki of the Aina hunts) purple sweet potato, poke, rice, mac salad, pumpkin pie, pound cake, water and juice plus  blankets, assorted clothing and shoes and toys for the keiki even the dogs got stuffed animals to play with! The children were able to get blankets, toys and food , as well as their parents plus a lot of the homeless adults were blessed with new blankets and  gifts of purses and shoes.  I could see from the faces of the homeless that they were so thankful to have this Thanksgiving dinner and kudos to the hunting club Keiki of the Aina who set up and broke down quickly and efficiently like a well oiled machine the boys and community members like Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union High School St... Read more
Try Authentic Hawaiian Kailua-Kona Ahi Poke Bowls at Umekes Poke 808
Umekes Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowls Kailua-Kona
Try Authentic Hawaiian Kailua-Kona Ahi Poke Bowls at Umekes Poke 808 Hawaii is such a beautiful place, I was simply baffled at the environment and the beaches ever since I had arrived. The food had been absolutely beautiful during the whole trip and the people were extremely gentle and kind. The island ambiance is a true thing, and I was glad that I could be about people who were living this luxurious life style. One of the highlights from my trip was definitely trying out the food Hawaii had to offer. Although sometimes very different to Western food, it was nonetheless extremely tasty and one of the best foods I had was Ahi Poke Bowls in Kailua-Kona. Kailua-Kona is one of the northern areas of Hawaii and is known to have some of the best seafood that the island has to offer. I heard this from many of my friends, so I was dying to go to the island and try out the food for myself. I had already tried all of the traditional Hawaiian foods such as spam sushi and all of that great stu... Read more
Join Umekes VIP POKE CLUB and save Money!
Umekes VIP POKE CLUB saves you Money!
Join Umekes VIP POKE CLUB and save Money! *Mobile Number:*First Name:*Last Name:*Email:Standard Message and Data Rates Apply.Customer Support: support@mobilemonopolyblueprint.comAt anytime you can text to 71441 the word 'HELP' toget more information or 'STOP' to cancel your account.Message frequency depends on account settingsTerms of Service | Privacy PolicyJOIN Umekes VIP POKE CLUB and SAVE MONEY!Fill Out The INFORMATION ABOVE & Click SEND...... Read more
Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls Are Real Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowls created by Real Hawaiian Chef
Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls 808 with Grilled Ahi
Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls Are Real Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowls created by Real Hawaiian Chef Look it's Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls full of onolicious delicious and to some mysterious delights! For some it's a culinary mystery especially those who are visitors to this Hawaiian paradise and very often difficult to say correctly. Poke (It is pronounced POH-keh).    These Kailua-Kona Poke Bowl gems have been staples for centuries in the Hawaiian islands and there is a trend that is now a must have food trend. Fueled by some of the best local Kailua-Kona Poke chefs such as Sam Choy and Nakoa Pabre of Umekes Poke Shop in Kona, Hawaii.  Umekes Poke Eatery in Kailua-Kona Hawaii has been a leader of creating culinary poke recipes that are creating a type of haute cuisine that is really sweeping the local and national food scenes as a trendy yet healthy, delicious food that is equally tasty as it is good for those watching their weight!   So how do you create your own very deli... Read more
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Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence
Write A Review For Umekes...      Click The Link Below and You Will Be Taken To The Micro Page For Umekes Reviews:   You will have the chance to pick where you want the review to go to Google+, FaceBook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.  Please leave a review on the food and service of Umekes so we can continue creating GREAT Poke Recipes For YOU our BIGGEST FANS! Umekes Has Earned the TripAdvisor's Certificate Of Excellence... Read more
Roast And Roots
Umekes Poke 808 Roast And Roots
Roast And Roots... Read more
Awesome Review Of Umekes By by Ed Simon
Umekes Poke 808 Plump Shrimp With Kim Chee Poke Shrimp
Awesome Review Of UMEKES By by Ed Simon Umeke's 75-143 Hualalai Road, Suite 105, Kona, HI - (808) 329-3050 Overview Reviews(1) Rate Restaurant Upload Photos Bookmark Email Posted By Ed Simon on 1/13/2014 2:51:00 PM Much like my love of ceviche, when I went to Hawaii, one of my missions was to find the best poke in the islands. Poke (pronounced po-kay), is the quintessential Hawaiian Roadfood treat. Using local ingredients and made by “local boyz”, a good poke takes humble ingredients and makes a delicious bite of marine freshness. Poke is basically fresh fish marinated with seaweed, spices, onion, sesame oil, soy sauce and other items added. Roasted kukui nut, the Hawaiian candlenut, also adds crunchiness and flavor to the mix. Umeke's, in the heart of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a small place that produces fresh poke with big flavors.   Walking into Umeke's, you have a counter for ordering with no seating, although... Read more
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