Awesome Review Of Umekes By by Ed Simon
Umekes Poke 808 Plump Shrimp With Kim Chee Poke Shrimp
Awesome Review Of UMEKES By by Ed Simon Umeke's 75-143 Hualalai Road, Suite 105, Kona, HI - (808) 329-3050 Overview Reviews(1) Rate Restaurant Upload Photos Bookmark Email Posted By Ed Simon on 1/13/2014 2:51:00 PM Much like my love of ceviche, when I went to Hawaii, one of my missions was to find the best poke in the islands. Poke (pronounced po-kay), is the quintessential Hawaiian Roadfood treat. Using local ingredients and made by “local boyz”, a good poke takes humble ingredients and makes a delicious bite of marine freshness. Poke is basically fresh fish marinated with seaweed, spices, onion, sesame oil, soy sauce and other items added. Roasted kukui nut, the Hawaiian candlenut, also adds crunchiness and flavor to the mix. Umeke's, in the heart of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a small place that produces fresh poke with big flavors.   Walking into Umeke's, you have a counter for ordering with no seating, although... Read more
Why You Should Have Fresh Poke In Kailua-Kona at Umekes
Umekes Poke 808
Why You Should Have Fresh Poke In Kailua-Kona at Umekes It had been my first time in Hawaii and I was stoked. I had gone around the main islands and had found myself in Kailua-Kona and was looking to try some food in the area. To be honest, I wasn't really familiar with Hawaiian food at the time. I was under the misconception that everything involved spam, and overall wasn't really good food. Anyway, my guide told us about a dish called poke, and we decided that we should have some fresh poke in Kailua-kona and see for ourselves. It goes without saying, the stuff was heaven.   When we went into the restaurant, called Umekes, we were a little bit unsettled by the atmosphere there. There was so many, people who were ordering the stuff. It was obviously popular as there was a little bit of a line outside the restaurant. Nevertheless, the guide insisted that we must try this Poke stuff so we stayed in the line alongside the other tourists to see what exactly the fuss was abo... Read more
UmekesPoke808 The Future Of Poke According To Chef Nakoa Pabre
Just click on the Picture below for a surprise!    ... Read more
Umekes Featured On The Cooking Channel on the Food Network July 16, 2014
UmekesPoke808 Featured on Cooking Channel
Umekes featured on Cooking Channel July 16, 2014 check your local listings     Well it is finally here!  The date we have all been waiting for.... the Cooking Channel to air the episode about Umekes!  We have all been waiting patiently and now we have the date JULY 16, 2014 so please check your local listings!   Please pass on and share this information with family and friends!  The Food Network came over in March right after Nakoa Pabre had won the Sam Choy's Poke Contest twice in a row 2013 and 2014!  Let's all watch and make comments on this website and on Umekes Facebook and Google Plus and Twitter Accounts!   ... Read more
Umekes Poke 808 Future Plans Per Chef Nakoa Pabre
Umekes Poke 808 Catering Picture
  Umekes Poke 808 Future According to Chef Nakoa Pabre       Umekes Poke 808 Chef Nakoa Pabre sits down to discuss the future plans of expansion for Umekes. This wildly popular Poke eatery has been known to create some of the best Poke in Kona or Kailua-Kona Hawaii. Locals and Visitors flock to Umekes to partake of the authentic Poke cuisine that Chef Pabre is known for especially since winning the Sam Choy's Poke Competition for 2013 and 2014 two years running! Chef Pabre even had the Food Network Channel come in and do some filming in his Poke shop. So we are waiting to see the filming on TV soon. I have seen on Umeke's FaceBook page people ordering as far east as New York City! They call and ask if they can have it shippped over to them once they have tasted the freshest poke and tastiest poke in town. Like Sam Choy says "Let the bowl do the braggin" and we all know who is the Poke Prince as Chef Nakoa Pabre has been dubbed by online Internet bloggers a... Read more
Help For Umekes Annual “Feed The Homeless Project”
Umekes Poke 808 Logo
Your Contact... Read more
Benefit of being an Umekes VIP POKE CLUB member
Umekes Lemonade Loyalty Club
Benefit of being an Umekes VIP POKE CLUB member   Buy 5 Lemonades Get 1 Free!   To Check Your Balance Just Text: Lemonade to 71441... Read more
Freshest Poke in Kailua-Kona Served At Umekes
Avo Ahi with Ho'io Salad Umekes Kona
Umekes in Kailua-Kona is creating some of the #FreshestPokeinKailua-Kona freshest Poke in Hawaii! Just having celebrated their one year anniversary in March 2014 with the Food Network Channel coming in to Chef Nakoa Pabre's Poke Eatery to do some filming right after Chef Pabs won the Sam Choy Poke Contest second year in a row! So many residents and tourists flock to Umekes at Alii Plaza and the Lanihau location to get the #FreshestPokeinKailua-KonaFreshest Poke in Kailua-Kona. You can find that Poke Eatery swamped with customers every lunch hour and dinner time as that is a true testament to Umekes being number one in providing Kona with the best culinary poke delight as Chef Pabs has not earned the moniker "Prince of Poke" for nothing as he is always experimenting with the most delightful recipes involving the #FreshestPokeinKailua-Kona. As usual Chef Pabre lets the bowl do the bragging and he has spoken with two championships under his belt with his wins back to back with the Annual... Read more
Bowls and Rolls by Umekes
Bowls and Rolls by Umekes Sushi Rolls and Poke Bowls
Bowls and Rolls by Umekes  73-4976 Kamanu Street Kailua-Kona Hawaii 96740 1-808-326-ROLL 10am to 4pm Monday thru Friday Awesome Sushi and Poke Bowls  Always Fresh,  Always Local, Always Aloha Follow @umekes //... Read more
Eat The Freshest Poke Bowls Hawaii At Umekes Today
Eat The Freshest Poke Bowls Hawaii At Umekes Today Want the freshest poke bowls Hawaii Umekes? If so then you have stumbled into the right place. The reason for this is because we are going to let you in on how much people enjoy eating this type of food, as well as how affordable it is to eat what we have available. First thing you are going to want to note is that you can get bowls for lunch for a very affordable price. We do this in order to allow you to enjoy a meal without having to break the bank. A bowl is enough to cover you for an entire meal. What's great about our bowls is that if you are on a diet you can still enjoy eating with us. The reason for this is because we provide enough food to allow someone who is eating less two meals. So you can enjoy not one, but two of the freshest poke bowls Hawaii Umekes meals and you won't have to spend a great deal of money. This is one of the benefits of buying quality food from a company that provides good food to its customers.... Read more
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