Umekes Poke 808 Poke Cuisine Is Unique And Delicious
Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls 808 Grilled Ahi White Rice Spicy Crab Salad
Umekes Poke 808 Poke Cuisine Is Unique And Delicious Umekes Poke 808 Poke Cuisine Both visitors from the mainland as well as the local Hawaiian population love to eat da kine Poke at Umekes. The great taste of Poke combines high protein and low fat content, providing a meal that is great for those who are watching their weight to help them stay trim and slim. But Poke is not only for slimmers and weight watchers. The great taste of Poke bowls at Umekes is for everyone who loves fresh and authentic Poke cuisine. After only one year in business, Umekes are getting the best reviews from satisfied customers. Umekes currently holds the second spot and is in the run for the number one restaurant spot in Kailua-Kona, as they undeniably produce the best Poke in the islands. What Can You Expect From Umekes The unique taste of Poke haute cuisine is growing in popularity at Umekes as its owner constantly strives to create better culinary creations with the encouragement of his cu... Read more
Feasting on Umekes Poke 808 Fresh Poke Bowls
Hawaiian Poke Freshest Poke in Kailua-Kona
Feasting on Umekes Poke 808 Fresh Poke Bowls   When you want a bowl of healthy, delicious food that comes with fresh ingredients and generous portions, Umekes Poke 808 Fresh Poke Bowls are the way to go. These bowls are served daily for people looking to get their feet wet when trying some Hawaiian food. These bowls are delicious, nutritious and readily available for people that want them, and when you try one, you are in for a treat. On a basic level, Umekes Poke 808 Fresh Poke Bowls consist of a base ingredient of tuna fish, typically yellow fin tuna, which is marinated in sea salt and spices. Some of these spices and ingredients include soy sauce, oils, chili peppers and seaweed. Different restaurants have their own take on the dish, while some use salmon or octopus. They are typically topped off with healthy servings of garlic, onions and other types of vegetables. You will find Umekes Poke 808 Fresh Poke Bowls to be flavorful and unique. When it comes to e... Read more
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