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Poke versus Sushi: The differences between Umekes Poke and Sushi
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The differences between Umekes Poke and Sushi

If you have never had poke, you may have mentally grouped it into the same category as sushi. While they both have raw fish as a main component, that is pretty much where the similarities end. Here is a comparison of Umekes poke versus sushi for anyone who is interested in understanding what the differences are.

The first thing that you should know in this Umekes poke versus sushi discussion is the fact that the former is made of tuna. While sushi is quite variable and can be made with everything from salmon and tuna to sweet potato and lobster, Umekes poke is always made of fresh tuna. The type of tuna changes sometimes, but there is never another type of fish used.

People with larger appetites and more modest wallets would definitely prefer Umekes poke. Spending the same amount on a bowl of poke as you would on a sushi roll will result in a very different amount of food. While both options are quite tasty, it is always great when you can have a tasty, filling meal without having to worry about financially overextending yourself.

The uniqueness factor is certainly another reason that Umekes poke takes the lead in this battle. Sushi is something that has taken the world by storm and you can find it on nearly every street corner all over the world. Poke is not as commercial, and the people who make it are more interested in pleasing you than becoming the next worldwide phenomenon. While you might eat sushi all of the time and it is quite mundane, poke is far more hard to come by, which will make every morsel a great culinary experience.

Umekes has homemade lemonade that is not available at any sushi place on the planet. This means that you can enjoy your poke with a side of lemonade – the combination is unbeatable. While you may be able to get lemonade elsewhere, it is not going to have the same freshness and appeal as the one that is served at Umekes. There are two flavors, regular and strawberry, which means that nearly every palate can be pleased.

Sometimes sushi places used frozen and thawed fish to make their creations. This is something that would never happen at Umekes. When you order poke, you can trust that it is made from fish that has been freshly caught. There are usually several fish in plain view of customers, which goes to show that the guarantee of freshness is absolutely solid.

Also Chef Nakoa Pabre has created a dish as an omage to Poke and Sushi and that is his award winning  POKE BOMBS.  It is a combination of fresh Poke on top of a sushi rice cone filled with rice, furikake and his famous Umekes Poke to top it all off.  Chef Nakoa Pabre owner/founder of Umekes Poke Bowls  has two locations, in Kailua-Kona, one is at Lanihau Shopping Center and the other is the Ali’i Plaza, where you can find his award winning Poke and he is opening his third  new location in May 2015. This new location is Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill which is a wonderful  restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating and a cool spirits bar where you can come and meet your friends and family and crack open a cold beer with some wonderful Poke PuPus!  Stay tuned for more announcements for the Grand Opening.

Avo Ahi with Ho - Umekes Poke'io Salad Umekes Kona

There are people everywhere who are always seeking the next culinary delight. If you are one of them, you should definitely consider trying poke. Even if you have had sushi, the reality is that these are two entirely different types of fish preparation. After reading this, you should be quite clear about what the differences are between poke and sushi. This is not to say that sushi is not great, but poke is definitely the winner of this battle. 

If you feel like craving poke, visit Umeke’s today to enjoy a real Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl like nowhere else or call 808-329-3050 to order for pick-up.  Umeke’s mobile site is available at

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The owner of Umekes has won the Sam Choy Poke Contest two years in a row 2013 and 2014.
Chef Nakoa Pabre just has a gift when it comes to creating unique and tasty Poke recipes.
He has the ability to just come up with a winning recipe the night before a competition
and it turns out to be a winning combination. That is cooking and creating from the heart
and soul and that is how Chef Pabre has won the hearts and minds of the residents of Hawaii,
as well as, the visitors to Hawaii with his winning recipes and ready smile full of Aloha.
Check out his mobile website and join his VIP Poke Club by texting "HawaiiPoke" to 71441 to receive mobile coupons and discounts sent to your phone. Umekes serves the freshest and tastiest poke in Kona and in the whole State of Hawaii, as Nakoa Pabre isn't called the Prince of Poke for nothing. He lets the bowl do the braggin and he has for two years straight at the Annual Sam Choy Poke competition. Umekes has two locations at the Umekes Alii Plaza Hualalai and Kuakini Streets and Umekes Fishmarket Bar & Grill off Kaiwi Street and Kuakini Highway. Here is our mobile website: for on the go visitors and residents plus our
website for Umekes Fishmarket Bar and Grill at and of course
our Ali'i Plaza Umekes:
Always Fresh, Always Local, Always Aloha! So fresh from boat to bowl its off da hook..

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